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Join LionBet Online Casino now and enjoy the best deals!

Term And Conditions:

1. LionBet Online Casino only accepts applications from legal gambling age clients. At the same time, we reserve the right to require customers to provide proof of their age.

2. All information provided when registering at the LionBet Online Casino must be accurate and complete in all respects. When using a debit or credit card, the cardholder’s name must match the one registered on the website.

3. Make a valid deposit after opening an account, congratulations on becoming a valid member of LionBet Online Casino!

4. After becoming a valid member of LionBet Online Casino, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide the latest personal information to the company at any time by email, contact online customer service, and leave a message on the LionBet Online Casino website.

5. When the LionBet Online Casino discovers that members have repeated application for account, they have the right to treat these accounts as a joint account. We reserve the right to cancel and withdraw all of the member's bonuses and the profits generated by the bonus. Each player, each address, each e-mail address, each phone number, the same payment card/credit card number, and a shared computer environment (eg, Internet cafes, other public computers, etc.) can only have one member account, each offer Only applicable to each customer's only account in LionBet Online Casino.

6. LionBet Online Casino is an institution that provides internet betting services. Members are requested to refer to the laws of the local government before registration. In areas where gambling is not allowed, if a member registers or places a bet at the LionBet Online Casino, the LionBet Online Casino is not responsible for any personal responsibility.

7. Whether it is an individual or a group, if there is any threat or abuse of the LionBet Online Casino offer, LionBet Online Casino reserves the right to cancel, recover the bonus generated by the offer, and reserve the right to recover up to 50% of the handling fee.

8. All the benefits of the LionBet Online Casino are specially designed for the players. In the event of disputes over the player registration information, in order to ensure the interests of both parties and to prevent identity theft, LionBet Online Casino reserves the right to request customers to provide us with sufficient and effective files, and Ways to identify whether a customer is eligible for any of our offers.

9. Once a customer has registered to open an account, they will be deemed to have accepted all rules and regulations promulgated on the LionBet Online Casino website. If the company finds that you have opened multiple member accounts in the same city's entertainment city and made arbitrage bets; the company has the right to cancel your member account and cancel all bet profits!

General Promotional Terms & Conditions:


1. If the event cannot be carried out due to some technical errors that are unpredictable or beyond the control of the site, LionBet Online Casino has the right to disclaim, terminate and cancel the activity.

2. In order to play fair, members can apply for withdrawals if they need a valid bet amount to meet the specified requirements before making a payment. Risk free betting on any game. For example, an average bet on a hand has a different result, so that the bet does not have any risk) there is no withdrawal request. Risk free betting includes the following actions:

    2.1 In the event of a bet bet (eg baccarat betting on the dealer and the player at the same time) and all invalid bets, software bets or bets placed            in any unusual manner, no valid bets and counter-water will be counted.

    2.2 In sports games, live entertainment, electronic entertainment and lottery betting, risk-free bets are not counted.

    2.3 betting on the dealer, the player or the betting at the same time in the live entertainment [red] + [black], [single] + [double], [big] + [small]

    2.4 Any cancellation of the bet, the number of the game is not counted.

    2.5 Flagship Hall / Live Video Roulette game, if the authorities bet more than two-thirds of the total number of bets, the authorities do not count              valid bets. The number of numbers converted into 24; 24 is still a valid bet; the 25th or more (inclusive) is an invalid bet.

3. This promotion is only for entertainment members. If the user is found to have more than one account, including the same name, the same email address, the same network environment, the same address, the same debit card/credit card, the same bank account, the same computer, etc. Any other unusual betting behavior, once discovered, LionBet Online Casino will reserve the right to freeze the profit and balance of your account.

4. To protect your membership rights, the registered name of any member of the LionBet Online Casino must match the name of the withdrawal bank account. In case of violation, LionBet Online Casino will not be able to provide payment services.

5. This promotion is for online entertainment players. Any player who is suspected of using the bonus to profit will not be eligible to participate in this offer. LionBet Online Casino has the right to stop, cancel or claim the paid offer. Any individual/team/organization suspected of using fraudulent practices or fraudulent practices to defraud/abuse dividends, LionBet Online Casino has the right to freeze related accounts, profits, bonuses and balances.

6. In order to protect your membership rights, LionBet Online Casino will invite members to submit relevant certification documents to verify their identity.

7. LionBet Online Casino has the right to check all the betting records of the members. If the member violates the regulations and rules already set by the activity or any suspected use of dividends, LionBet Online Casino has the right to stop, cancel or reclaim the paid concessions. right.

8. All offer calculations are only calculated to integers and are not counted below the decimal point. LionBet Online Casino reserves the right to amend, terminate and finalize the offer.

9. Sports betting: Any bets equal to and below the European level of 1.50 (Hong Kong 0.5) water level and bets on the gambling situation, or the principal refund will not be counted in the valid bets.

10. Members must reach the betting threshold within 60 days after receiving the offer, otherwise the LionBet Online Casino will reserve the right to withdraw the preferential amount when applying for the payment.

11. If a member does not receive any concession after deposit, the de

posit must be at least 1 times the amount of the deposit to apply for payment.

12. All the terms of the offer, LionBet Online Casino has the final interpretation.

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